Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the cost for taking my online class?

We are passionate about offering our clients the most affordable online class help. The cost for a class varies depending on how long the course is, level of difficulty and the workload. Our prices range between $50-120 weekly per class which means no matter what budget or lifestyle we have something perfect for everyone!

What information do you need to give me a quote?

Please provide the course syllabus or login information so that we can review your class.

Do I have to provide the course text?

We'll check if we have the course text. In case we don't have it, you'll have to order it. However, most of the time we don't need it.

Important Notes

What if I don't want to share my login information?

You can send your tutor all of the writing assignments and discussions you have to do for your class. You don't even need to give them login information, but know that once they're done with one, they'll charge you for it- so make sure not only are there clear instructions on what's expected in each assignment or discussion before sending it over!

How do you ensure my school doesn't know?

Our experts use a VPN/RDP/PROXY or anti-detect browsers to hide their IP addresses.

Where are you located?

We're located in the USA, and we have tutors from all over the world!


Contact Support

We're sorry, but we don't offer 24-hour live chat support. For first responses, all our current clients are advised to use email or WhatsApp because we can get back to them quickly with these options.