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Here's What No One Tells You About Online Class Help Services.

Learn about the different types of online class help scams and how to avoid them. Understand how real companies operate.

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Here's What No One Tells You About Online Class Help Services.

Many people find that it is a hassle to take an online class. An online course involves reading and writing assignments, watching videos, and participating in group discussions with the other students. Often, all of this takes more time than expected. That is why many students decide to get help from someone outside of their school or university. It turns out there are several types of services they can hire for such purposes:
" Take my online class for me " – This is probably one of the most popular ways to get help with an online class. The student asks some stranger to log into his/her account and complete all assignments as if he was him/her. Before you know it, you're done with your online class and you can already move on to the next one. Take my online class service providers usually charge around $500-2000 per class, depending on the type of class and their level of expertise with such classes.
You might have heard of the term "online class help". You can find this online through search engines, classified ads, forums, and blog posts. Online class help is a service that you can hire someone to take your online classes for you if you're too busy or sick to go to school. The cost depends on what type of service they provide for you. Some will just read assigned readings, while others will work with your teacher during lectures, deadlines, and exams. It's even possible that some online class helpers may do your homework for you! Just be aware, however, that it's not legal to sell, buy or trade assignments or grades in any way, so check your state laws before hiring an online class helper. In addition, there are quite a few things "no one tells you" about hiring someone to take an online course for you. In this blog post, I want to cover some of the common problems online students encounter when hiring someone to take their online classes for them.

Take My Online Class Scams

There are people out there who will try and scam or blackmail you into giving them money in return for "online class help." What they do is use fake accounts to pose as an online class helper looking for a client. They then offer their services to students by asking the student what kind of service they need. Most likely, the student will ask the online class helper if they can do their homework assignments, readings, and exams while they sit at home and watch TV or sleep all day long. The next thing the student knows is that they get a message from the online class helper saying that they could do the student's assignments, homework, or readings for a price. The student is then asked to pay money to the "online class helper" through Western Union. The online class helper will say that they'll need to have their money wired out of state or overseas so it won't be traced back to them after the transaction is done.

Fake Companies

Some people set up fake companies and websites claiming that they can provide you with certain services like doing your homework, reading your assigned readings, or take your exams for you. It's not entirely illegal because these scam companies aren't asking you to send them money through Western Union. Still, you will end up sending them a lot of your own money to pay for their services. Most of these companies are run by foreigners and usually charge A LOT for their online class help or homework services. These scammers also advertise on search engines such as google under different keywords like "online class helper" so students can easily find them when they do an online search to see if such a service exists. I suspect it's a group of online scammers because most of these websites have similar designs, images, icons, and fake reviews. Their customer support agents have English names, but you can tell they're either from India or Pakistan on the phone.

These snakes create new websites every day; they can have more than 20 websites running simultaneously.

Most of the time, the first three ads on a google search on any online class help-related keywords are theirs because they're always clicking on real online class help companies ads.

Whenever one of their websites accumulates many negative reviews online, they shut it down and create a new one. You can report them to google, police, your bank, or whoever you think can help you, but once you've given them your login info, your life will never be the same again. You'll pay them to take your online class or exam, and they won't get it done. When you ask for a refund, they'll blackmail you by threatening to report you to your school and even go ahead to demand more money to keep their mouths shut.
These people typically come with phone numbers that are registered in different states or countries. This is so no one would recognize they are scammers until it's too late. These companies are everywhere online and even in physical locations as well. They may also hire people to pose as actual online class helpers to fool their potential clients.

Real Companies

Are there are real Online Class help companies out there? Yes, there are real online class help companies like takemyonlineclassusa who don't ask for upfront payments. Some of these companies charge a lot of money for their services while others are considerably cheap. Most of them do their jobs well, providing you with professional online class help and reassurance that your grades will be good. However, not all are the same, so make sure that you check out several companies before hiring a company.


This one may sound weird, but some real online students work as Online Class Helpers simultaneously! They're called "Dopplegangers" and they can take your online classes for you while you're right there in the same online class with them! Dopplegangers are real people who do the things that normal Online Class Helpers do. They don't charge very much money, but you have to be careful when dealing with Dopplegangers. They can also scam you, just like other Take my Online Class Help scams out there! Make sure that you've done your research before hiring them!

Grade Scams

This is yet another common online class scam where a person will send you an email telling you that they can grade your online class work for you and then send you the grade in return. These scams are getting more common these days. Be careful!

Grievance Calls

This is another relatively new way that people are trying to get their hands on money by claiming that they can take your class for you. Grievance calls are people who call you up on the phone to do your class on your behalf. These scammers use many different methods, but they all have one thing in common; they want money! Grievance Calls can be more dangerous than your average Online class Help scams because it's a person calling you and not some company online somewhere that's trying to get your money!

Grade Trusts

This is yet another popular scam these days where a random person will tell you that they can take your online class and get a good grade in return. Grade trust scams have been around for several years now, but they're still here today, which means they must be pretty successful.
Be careful!