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How much does it cost to pay someone to take my online class?

The cost of hiring someone to take your online class?

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How much does it cost to take my online class?

The idea of committing your precious time and all that you have going on in life for online education might seem daunting. Even though it's worth every second, there are so many barriers to overcome including getting sick, job demands as well as other responsibilities such as family/home, etc. Yes, taking an online class means lots of individual work, and you cannot rely on group work or ask for help from the professor since he doesn't know about your schedule.

So if you're not up to take your online classes, you're probably considering hiring someone to take online courses for you and you're also asking yourself "how much does it cost to pay someone to take my online class?". This blog post seeks to answer this question by talking about our rates and how much it generally costs for someone to take your online class!

If you're looking for an online class help service, the cost will depend on five factors. The length of the class, level of difficulty, level of education, workload or number of assignments, and your desired class grade.

  1. Length of the class
  2. Level of difficulty
  3. Level of education
  4. Workload or number of assignments
  5. Your desired grade

Length of the class

The length of the class is one thing to consider. We know that a 4-week course may seem less expensive than an 8 week one, but don't let the duration fool you. It's normal to find that a 4-week class has more workload than a course with an 8-week time frame. Consider the following online courses.

Course A

8 Discussion boards

3 Writing assignments (4 pages each)

Final exam

Mid-term exam

2 Quizzes(40 Questions Each)

5 weeks long

Course B

5 Discussion boards

1 Final paper

1 Reflection paper

8 Quizzes(10 Questions each)

8 Weeks long

The 5-week course is shorter but has more work than the 8-week course. You'll get the most work done in five weeks but you might have a harder time getting all the assignments completed on time and flawlessly. It's clear, the shorter course will be more expensive because of the workload it has.

Level of difficulty

How much it costs to have someone complete your online class can vary greatly depending on the level of difficulty. Some classes, such as Medicine and engineering courses, are more difficult than others like a business; this is why they cost so much more.  

Level of education

Another factor that influences the cost of online class help services is the degree you're pursuing. If it's a bachelor's course, the price will be less than if you pay someone to complete your Master's or doctoral classes. A Master's degree class is more expensive than a Bachelor's degree because you need to hire someone with an MA degree.

Workload or number of assignments

Generally, the more work or assignments you have in your class, the higher the cost will be. If you're taking a course with weekly written assignments, it's likely that your tutor will take longer to complete each assignment. If there are exams, they'll also need more time because they are not familiar with the subject matter.

Your desired grade

The last factor that has something to do with how much does it cost to pay someone to take my online class is your desired grade. An A+ student is harder to come by than an average B- student so if you want an A+, expect a higher price! Some service providers offer different prices solely depending on what grade - which I find very odd since B (the passing grade) always seems like the most reasonable option!

It's not a good idea to base your price on the grade you want. You should think of hiring someone as similar to buying an outfit at a store. You can see the tag price, but you don't really know until you try it on if it's worth what they ask for.

So how much does it cost to pay someone to take an online class?

Now that you know all five factors, you can get an estimate or use our pricing calculator to know how much your online class help services will cost.

However, remember that price isn't everything! You need to make sure you not only hire the best person for the job but also not get scammed!  

Most online class helpers don't have fixed prices. You can pay $1000 per class up or $1000 for 4 classes (although this may depend on what type of courses you're taking). This means that before picking an expensive service provider because their reputation precedes themselves as being high quality; make sure first if they fall within your budget!

The cost of taking an online class for someone depends on the variety of factors highlighted above.

Our average online class help rate ranges from $50-$120 per class weekly and we don't ask for any upfront payment in order to take our services, making them reasonably cheaper than other options out there.

I hope that this article has helped you better understand how much it costs to pay someone to take my online class. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to chat with us!

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